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    Annual General Meeting - 2016

      Wednesday February 17, 2016 - 7 pm
      Saanich Peninsula Hospital Health Centre

    Agenda includes:

      Election of the new executive
      Discussion of the traffic issue on Tomlinson and Hovey Roads

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Dear readers,
    RRoCSS is based on the work of volunteers. Like many of you we believe in the future of Central Saanich as part of a bigger community of different people united by the ideas of altruism and care for the nature around us. Healthy living for all our children and grandchildren, based on clean water, air, land and food, is important to us.

    Our volunteers spend a lot of time researching, meeting, preparing statements and organizing events. Some of these activities require money: FOI documents from municipality, advertising, printing, legal advice and counsel. We have the selfless passion of people devoted to the community, but when principles and dollars collide, it is a reality that in our world dollars are favoured to win.

    RRoCSS is asking people who can give of their time or money to help now more than ever. We are in the middle of important events which will change the future of our community. Make it a change for a healthy future.
    Thank you.

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"Democracy is rough and tumble; conflict is built into the process, but provided the conflict stops short of violence, it is better than bland or managed consensus."