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  Membership Policy

Members of the Residents and Ratepayers of Central Saanich Society promise to uphold and abide by the Official Community Plan and the Urban Containment Areas outlined within the plan in order to preserve our rural and farmlands.

Application and Acceptance Process

  • Membership shall be acquired by invitation.
  • Blank membership application forms shall be provided by the Residents and Ratepayers of Central Saanich Society.
  • A membership application without endorsement is considered incomplete and should be returned to the prospect.
  • Endorsement of prospects must be made by members in good standing. Through endorsement the member is recruiter, host and mentor.
  • A completed application does not imply membership.
  • The membership application is presented to the Treasurer, who in turn presents it to the executive. The executive members may:
      Approve or reject membership or;
      Refer the decision of approval or rejection to the next available general meeting of the membership with or without recommendation of the executive.
  • The values, objectives and stated mission of the organization should be considered in the deliberation about approval or rejection of the application.
  • Decision of approval or rejection is made by basic majority vote following deliberation.
  • A prospect may be invited to attend general meetings of the society as a visitor and guest.
  • When a prospect accepts the invitation to join he/she should be advised of the society’s policies by the executive.
  • Further interim membership policy may be made and take effect by the executive as need arises, but this must be ratified by the general membership at the next available General Meeting, or it dies.
  • Membership must be renewed annually.
  • Membership is automatically renewed at expiry date, for 30 days, and the fee can be paid at any time in that period of time, unless the member asks to exit the society
  • New members cannot vote in the society’s general meetings for a period of 90 days after their starting date.
  • New members cannot be elected in the executive for a period of 90 days after their starting date.
  • A member must be a resident of Central Saanich to be allowed to run for the board.
  • Affiliate Member
      Affiliate members of Residents and Ratepayers of Central Saanich are individuals who currently are not able to fully participate as active members but desire to support the society through affiliation. This status may be conferred by the invitation of the executive for one year. An affiliate member may be eligible to vote on matters at general meetings where he/she is present in person, but shall not be eligible to hold office with the society. An affiliate member shall be required to pay membership dues.

Forfeiture of Membership

  • Any member may be expelled upon a two-thirds vote of the members present at any regular meeting of the Residents and Ratepayers of Central Saanich, provided that the Board of Directors has previously considered the merits and basis of same.
  • The Treasurer shall submit to the executive the name of any member who refuses or neglects to pay any indebtedness due the society within thirty days after formal notice has been made by the Treasurer.
  • A member will automatically be dropped from membership after an obligation has remained unpaid for a period of 90 days unless the executive takes formal action to retain the member.
  • A member can exit the society at any time.
  • The society will not refund any part of the membership fee to a member who exited before the end of the membership period.