Column RRoCSS



  Commitment Statement

Recognizing the unique balance achieved over the years in the character and quality of life in Central Saanich — three defined urban areas, a distinct industrial area, extensive agricultural lands, diverse green spaces, a diverse native/non-native community, excellent public infrastructure, and no public debt - RRoCSS commits to:

  • work for government processes that are open and responsive to the whole citizenry and, in turn, to encourage wider community participation in local government;
  • safeguard and promote social and economic justice in municipal decision-making;
  • encourage sustainable food production and a vital local farming community;
  • protect the aspects of the community that provide the essentials of life, including clean air and water; and
  • take a long-term view so that social needs and ecological responsibility provide the framework for commercial and residential development within the urban containment boundary.

In keeping with the legacy of Central Saanich, and these specific commitments, RRoCSS seeks to make Central Saanich a model of a livable, innovative and caring community for the 21st century.


  1. to safeguard the rights and amenities of residents and residential ratepayers of Central Saanich through dialogue with citizens, citizens’ groups and local government.
  2. to monitor and make a record of local government activities, and to use that information to promote wider citizen involvement through publications and informational meetings.
  3. to foster community spirit and pride by hosting public events and publishing community information online.
  4. to discuss any issues which concern the members of the society.

"To believe in rights is to believe in defending difference."